STEP 1 - Columbia Asia receives the medical reports of the patient interested in seeking a medical opinion

STEP 2 - Medical coordinator, assigned by Columbia Asia consults the treating doctor and takes the medical opinion on the following lines

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment plan
  • Length of stay
  • Estimated cost of treatment
  • Post discharge care

STEP 3 - If required, the hospital will arrange a videoconference or teleconference with the treating doctor

STEP 4 - Patient confirms to avail treatment at Columbia Asia

STEP 5 - Columbia Asia sends Visa Facilitation Letter to the concerned Indian High Commission in the patient’s native country and to the patient for visa formalities

STEP 6 - Patient confirms arrival date and time to the International Patient Helpdesk. Case manager sends a letter confirming an appointment, books the room and schedules the appointment with the doctor

Answering the medical queries for international patients