Procedure Package in USD
Pre-transplant work-up for patient and donor 3,000
Kidney transplant procedure 12,000
Total package 15,000
Inclusions Exclusions
  • Dialysis on an outpatient basis for 3 weeks before the surgery
  • Transplant work-up for the patient and the donor
  • 7 days of hospital stay for both donor and recipient  
  • Cost of surgery (nephrectomy of the donor and transplant surgery for the patient)
  • Post-discharge medicines: upto USD 500 
  • One month free stay for patient and 1 attendant in twin sharing room at a guest house near the hospital
  • Post-transplant medication up to USD 500
  • Anti-rejection injections
  • All special medications that the recipient or donor were taking prior to admission for surgery, like antihypertensives, anti-diabetic drugs, cardiac drugs, etc
  • Antibiotics or other agents that may be used to combat major infections