Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) in India at Columbia Asia Hospitals

The Department of Neurosurgery at Columbia Asia Hospitals have a team of highly qualified and experienced neurosurgeons and neurologists specializing in all types of neurosurgery for comprehensive management of diseases and disorders of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves.  The department aims at excellence in neurosurgical care through the practice of evidence based medicine and treatment according to international protocols.

Columbia Asia Hospital is one among the few centers in India to have DBS expertise in treating neurological diseases like Parkinson’s disease. The hospital has a team of high profile consultants who help patients manage all aspects of the complex condition through an integrated approach including counseling of the patients and their relatives.

Deep brain stimulation is considered to be one of the latest and advanced technologies in the treatment of Parkinson’s diseases. DBS uses high frequency electrical signals to block the abnormal nerve signals that cause the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (tremor, rigidity, walking problems, stiffness, and others) without harming the brain.

Salient features of DBS In India at Columbia Asia Hospitals

  • Experienced team of professionals, including a specialist neurologist (movement disorder specialist), specialist neurosurgeon, neuroradiologist, physiotherapist and dietary specialists who provide high-quality care
  • Over 90% success rate achieved on patients suffering from Parkinson’s diseases
  • State-of-the-art operation theatre with modern equipment like
    • Operating microscope- zeiss pentero & opmi vario
    • Mizuho ot table
    • Sugita head frame
    • Midas rex legend drill system
    • Cusa/ dsac arm
    • Aesculap & codman micro instruments
    • Storz spinal endoscope
    • Leksell steriotaxic apparatus
  • Minimum blood loss and a short hospital stay of just 3 days
  • In this surgery the brain is not injured, hence it is relatively risk free.
  • Surgery is completely reversible and programmable
  • Parkinson medications are reduced which results in improvement of drug related side effects.
  • Vast improvement in quality of life

Treatment Packages

Procedure No of ward days Package in USD
Deep Brain Stimulation 5 22,000


Inclusions Exclusions
Ward stay as indicated  Hospital stay after the said period
Nursing & diet charges Visit charges after the said period
Surgeon’s fee Cross consultations, if any
Admitting Consultant’s visit charges Implants if used
  Infections, albeit small percentage will not be covered

Please Note: The above mentioned charges are an estimate. Do not consider these as final packages; the actual bill may vary depending on the clinical condition, associated medical problems of the patient & post surgical complication. If any complication occurs and patient is moved to an ICU, charges will vary depending on the medical condition.

Treatment / Procedures

  • DBS for Essential Tremours and Dystonia
  • DBS for management of Parkinsons's