Treatment Packages

Affordable Breast Cancer Treatment in India

The cost of breast cancer treatment depends on the stage of the disease or modality of treatment prescribed. Columbia Asia Hospitals offer the following options:

Evaluation: estimated cost USD 1500 that includes

  • Detailed evaluation to assess cardiac, diabetic and general physiological condition
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET CT Scan)
  • Mammography and ultrasound
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Biopsy
  • Hospital stay - 2 days

Treatment options (As advised by the doctor)

  • Surgery: Mastectomy would cost approximately USD 5000
  • Radiation Therapy: USD 2200 for conventional radiotherapy and USD 12000 for Stereotactic radiotherapy (Cyberknife)
  • Chemotherapy: USD 1200 for each cycle for 6 cycles over a period of 4 months
  • Hormone Therapy: USD 800 to 1000
  • Targeted therapy
  • Bone-directed therapy

Length of Stay

  • 2 days - For evaluation
  • 2 days - During each chemotherapy session
  • Total expected stay for treatment in India will range from 2 to 3 months
  • The patient may return to their home country for taking further cycles of chemotherapy
  • Medical oncologist can advise the patient about the medication and dosage after 2 session so that the patient can take further sessions in their home country

Please Note: The above mentioned charges are an estimate. Do not consider these as final packages; the actual bill may vary depending on the clinical condition, associated medical problems of the patient & post surgical complication. If any complication occurs and patient is moved to an ICU, charges will vary depending on the medical condition.